Mini Home Retreat

Are you craving space to exhale, nourish & rejuvenate?

Do you want to feel free, relaxed & inspired again?

You’re invited to



A guided retreat to take you out of overwhelm and into inspiration.

Feelings signalling you need to retreat:

cross  stuck
cross  uninspired
cross  blocked
cross  anxious
cross  overwhelmed
cross  exhausted
cross  disconnected
cross  toxic
cross  busy mind

Mini Home Retreat is the vacation you crave to reconnect with your soul. It’s for busy people that don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to take a break and find their flow.


On the surface? It’s about taking a break and doing good things for yourself, like yoga, meditation, journalling and eating food that makes you sparkle.

But really?


It’s about stopping the busy and listening to your soul.

24 hours of nurturing me-time, including:


Soul Workshops



Tai Chi





Intention Setting






Click play!

What’s included?

A full guided retreat to experience at home, as often as you like.

Mini Home Retreat goodies
Mini Home Retreat
Mini Home Retreat videos

 2x Soul Workshops to get you clear and aligned

1x Yoga session to clear your mind and wake up your body

1x Tai Chi body movement session to refresh your energy

Mini Home Retreat
Mini Home Retreat audios

 3x Meditation tracks to tap into your inner wisdom

1x Oracle Cards lesson – a fun way to access your inner guidance

Mini Home Retreat
Mini Home Retreat preparation & playbook

Pre-retreat guide to prepare for your retreat day

Retreat Playbook, your 30 page guide that takes you through every step of the day

Detox guide for a clear mind, body and soul

Recipe suggestions for healthy, yummy eats during your retreat

Intention setting mandala colouring for focus & fun

Schedule for your retreat so you know where you’re at

Mini Home Retreat
Mini Home Retreat website

 Access to the private Mini Home Retreat zone online, to make retreating an easy experience

The entire retreat has been beautifully designed with your utmost comfort & luxury in mind.

Mini Home Retreat is now closed.

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By the end of your Mini Home Retreat, you will be…


relaxed + peaceful


connected with your soul’s call


feeling clarity + direction

You’re in safe hands…

KJKJ is your intuitive Soul Workshops coach.

Transformational Intuitive / Sold out with a waiting list / Global retreats / Helped 1000’s of women find purpose / Razor sharp intuition / Co-created world changing soulful events called ‘The Power of You’ / Be The Change cards / 1 to 1 power hours called soul sessions / Studied with swarmis in India

Fran is your retreat designer.Fran /

Creator of The Happi Empire / Designed & sold over 5000 perspective shifting journals, empowering affirmation cards, inner happiness playbooks and action pads / Created over 200 websites, logos & ebooks for soulpreneurs / Charges all designs up with Reiki / Intention artist / Fairy girl

TroyTroy is your Energy & movement teacher

Master of intuitive energy + body movement / Teacher of Flowstate yoga / Teachers teacher to 1000’s of yogi’s worldwide / Surfer + Life experience addict / Devoted to unblocking your flow + guiding you into presence / You’ll leave this class saying ‘I can finally breathe deeply again’.

Kristin is your yoga mentor.Kristin

Yoga teacher and teacher trainer for a gazillions years / From studio owner to traveling teacher trainer + mentor / Kristin aims to free the strong and strength the free / Adoring students spotted in Hong Kong, UK, Canada, USA + Australia / Founder of Tapasya yoga / Co Founder of Shamanic Yoga Training / When you crave connection, roll out your mat in front of this bright light / Nails it. Every. Single. Time

Freedom & clarity


are waiting for you on the other side.


Join us!


tick-white  No expensive accommodation fees


tick-white  Tai Chi to clear & re-energise


tick-white  Heart Opening Yoga session


tick-white  2x Soul Workshops


tick-white  Retreat materials charged up with Reiki


tick-white  Expert teachers & guides


tick-white  Yours to use again & again until the end of 2016


I feel amazing. So clear, rejuvenated, reconnected to my purpose and ready to take action towards my dreams again after the Mini Home Retreat! I’ve had a profound healing and feel lighter and clearer than I did when I started. Thank you!”

Ramone Bisset, Wild Sage Wellbeing

I absolutely love Mini Home Retreat. Genius idea! The attention to detail is both mind-blowing and heartwarming. It really made me feel that you truly and deeply care that the experience is as fulfilling as possible for your clients. This retreat is a much needed gift for the mind, body, heart and soul. Although it is a solitary journey you feel as though you are being held every step of the way into yourself. The language used throughout is very nurturing, encouraging and uplifting whilst many similar courses can often feel intrusive and patronising. Thank you for this beautiful gift.” 

Taziri Gadmour,
Taziri Gadmour
Kate Griffin

“What an amazing gift for people who can’t make it to retreats normally. I can feel the love and thought radiating from the pages. It’s easy to follow, gentle and loving. You’re getting a lot for your money – a lot of guidance and knowledge from people you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. It’s what you’d pay for an hour session with a therapist. It feels warm, nourishing and such a loving thing to do for yourself in your own home. You’ve thought of everything.”

Kate Griffin, Massage Therapist student

What you will need


Internet connection

me time

24hrs me-time

pens or pencils

Colouring pencils

comfy clothes

Comfy clothes

Optional: yoga mat, bubble bath, calming oils and anything else

to make your space beautiful –  space setting guidance inside!


And if me-time isn’t your thang, plan to do the retreat with a friend!


Do I have to do it all at once?

Nope! The retreat is a 24 hour experience however you can break it down and do little bits when you can fit it in. You can also reuse the videos and meditations over and over.

How does it work?

Once you’ve clicked buy, you’ll be sent an email with a link and a password to your retreat zone. A little place in cyber space where you can access all the videos, audios + playbooks. .

Do I have to print the playbook?

No. However we think creativity and intuitive flow is sparked when you use real pens and paper. Then again not everyone has a printer so we made the playbooks interactive. You can open them in Adobe reader, edit and save to your computer to use over and over.

Do I have to do everything on the prep list?

No, this is just a guide. Use what you have and buy only what you feel inspired to.

Can I invite my friends?

Yes, the more people tuning into their souls the better. You can invite friends to join your retreat but please don’t share the password, video, audio or playbooks. We believe what goes around comes around and I’m sure you do too.

When does Mini Home Retreat start?

Whenever you want it to. Once you click buy you’ll be sent the password to access your retreat zone. From there you will download your pre retreat guide and it will help you set up your retreat. Step 1 will be to set your own date. You can do it on a weekday, weekend, make it a getaway, do it with friends and repeat over and over.

Your investment: AU $97

Mini Home Retreat drops to your inbox the moment you register.

Mini Home Retreat is now closed.


Grab your green juice and pack your eye pillow, you’re going on retreat!

By purchasing Mini Home Retreat, you agree to our Terms & Conditions – click to read.